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MG34/42 Magazine & Information

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The MG34, introduced in 1934, was the mainstay of the Wehrmacht, and was a beautifully made weapon, but difficult to manufacture. It had a rate of fire of 800 to 900 rpm, and used the 7.92 x 57 mm Mauser shell.

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The MG42, called "Hitler's Buzz Saw", reputed to be the world's best machine gun, had an awesome rate of fire of 1200-1500 rpm, fired 7.92 x 57mm rounds. The "swoosh" sound of the MG42 firing, compared to the "rat-a-tat" of the MG34, was terrifying to Allied troops, many of whom took cover when hearing the sound of the devastating MG42. Current American M60 said to be derived from the MG42. The MG42 came out in 1942, was machine stamped, thus easier to manufacture than the MG34, and came with replacement barrels.
Caliber 7.92mm
Cartridge: 7.92mm x 57mm Mauser
Length: 48 in (1219mm)
Weight : 25.25 lbs. (11.5 kg)
Muzzle Velocity: 2478 ft. (755m) per second
Effective Range: 1100 yds. (1000m)
Rate Of Fire: 1200 rounds/min. (cyclic)
Magazine: 50 round link belt

The MG-42 machine gun was designed to replace the German MG-34. The MG-42 was to be mass produced and to be more rugged in the field than the hand-crafted MG34 which demanded more maintenance and care. The result of these efforts created perhaps the world's best machine gun with a unique delayed blowback system of firing. Durable, dependable and possessing an incredible rate of fire made this weapon the pride of German infantry and the scourge of the Allies.

Its distinctive firing sound of ripping canvas punctuated the battlefield and was easily recognizable by Americans for the MG 42 fired three times as fast as any machine gun in the American arsenal.

By 1944 the German squad and its tactics revolved around the MG-42. The squad's main focus in a firefight was to get the MG42 up and firing on the enemy as quickly as possible, with the rest of the squad ready to bring more ammo to the gun if need be. In addition, the gunner of the squad's MG-42 was the unit's best and steadiest soldier. The MG-42 may be fired from its bipod (Light MG), on a tripod (Medium) or from a tripod and with a heavy barrel (Heavy).


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